Last Leg

Seems very normal to be sitting at an airport, waiting for our flight. But it’s the last flight of the summer and we are not off to a new location, but going home.
Such a nice phrase, going home. We are almost tearful.

Meredith was a star and dropped us at Clapham.
Easy train to Gatwick, though it was a few minutes late.
We are all checked in, bags checked for the first time all summer. (Baggage carousel broke, fo4 a minute I was afraid it was all my shopping!)
Now I feel light as air with only one small carryon.
We’ve picked up water and snacks for the plane. (11 hours is long flight.)
We have coffee and a sandwich.

The only thing left is to wait for our gate to be assigned.

Then – HOME.

Last Day

Our week in London with friends is coming to an end. One last birthday party and then tomorrow we go home. Some sadness, but mostly, happy to have survived the summer with no major accidents, incidents or disasters.

Jacob is still speaking to me, though we have agreed it might be quite nice to not see or speak to speak to each other for a whole day when we get back.

It will be nice to be home. No traveling. Time to sort photos and write down the details of the story of our crazy gypsy summer so we don’t forget it in the distraction of picking up everyday life.

At some point I must pack, as my one small backpack has now morphed into two large bags with all the bits we shipped back to London. Plus, a little shopping in London.

Off to Covent Garden for a bit and then back to set up the party.

Brussels aka the layover with chocolate

Brussels aka the layover with chocolate

Smoothish arrival in Belgium, though initially we got out at the wrong train station. (They have THREE!) Had lunch and went to the movies (Suicide Squad – not really excellent.) Then hit Leonides for a huge bag of Belgian chocolate, did a little more shopping. We also wandered through the palace square – quite by accident. Didn’t even consider going to any sites or museums. Now for some dinner and then – The Chunnel to London.

Off to Bruges

We are on the early train from Amsterdam to Brussels. We have several hours there before our train back to London. Just enough time to buy some chocolate, a keychain and maybe a pair of earrings.