Louvre Lunatic

Jacob was smart and went back to the apartment at 2:30 after five plus hours of Louvre.
I did not.
I stayed until they kicked me out at six.
Then I needed a venti Starbucks mocha to fuel me back to the apartment.
Oh hell yeah!
I kept thinking I would be bored and leave, but there was always something else that called to me.
Awesome, exhausting day.
A bath and then my boy is making us dinner.

Sagrada Familia – Take 2

We went back to Sagrada Familia tonight for our reservation to tour the basilica and take the elevator up the Passion Tower.
The first part was amazing. Breathtaking. Awesome. Inspiring. Moving.

What other words can I use? The old ones don’t work well enough to describe this church, this cathedral to beauty and spirituality. Huge columns sprout up like massive trees, their branches reaching up like hands to hold the ceiling. Arching lace vaults made of stone and light. Watercolor-like stained glass glowing with fire and sunsets in one side, and gleaming aquariums and forests on the other.
Every where you look, beauty.

The second part didn’t actually happen.

The Passion Tower was closed for construction related reasons, reminding me that this is an unfinished basilica.
(Frustrated whining deleted.) It turns out, I wouldn’t have been allowed up anyway with the cane, as unlike most elevators, this one can only be ridden up. No one with a cane or limp allowed up.

I think I’d like to come back when it’s finished in twenty years or so. But for now, my eyes and my soul are stunned. Full up. Complete.