Our first airbnb experience has been great. We have a one room flat in Dublin all to ourselves with shower and kitchen and even a washer/dryer. It is right on the bus line and quick minutes to College Green and Trinity College. We have been very comfortable. Even Jacob’s fold out sofa was okay, though a bit firm compared to American mattresses.
We shopped and made breakfast and dinner which saves a lot and is more relaxing than going out for every meal.
The flat cost $60 a night which was less than the hostel in Edinburgh and much nicer.

St Patrick’s and Chester Beatty’s collection

Continuing our theme of great books, we took a quick tour through Chester Beatty’s collection to see some fabulous Books from Islamic, Christian, Jewish and Buddhist traditions. Looking forward to Spain and more of those beautiful designs.
After an amazing lunch at Bite of Life, we went next door to St. Patrick’s. I love the churchyard which had children playing even in the rain.
Forgot to get a picture of the floors which were beautiful mosaics of tile. Great memorial to the Boyle family (son famous scientist for, among many things, Boyle’s law) which included the daughter’s husband’s but not the daughters. It really is a good thing I was born in the 20th century and not earlier.
Tons of great stained glass windows. I wanted to stay for evensong but SOMEONE was too tired.
Tomorrow: National Museum Archaeology exhibits and National Gallery.

Book of Kells and more

Loved the exhibit on the Book of Kells. Kept imagining the monks bent over their vellum, scratching away with their swan quills and oak gall ink. Great exhibit and very nicely done. Jacob’s favorite was seeing the pigments for making the inks. The two volumes and four pages on display are awe inspiring. Incredible to have survived for over a thousand years.

The Long Room, the famous Trinity College library with the busts, must be my true spiritual home. I could live here. In fact, they would probably raise a ton of money by having special sleepovers.

Stopped for coffee and a sandwich, then off to Dublin Castle. The guided tour took us down to the medieval bits where the River Poddle can still be seen, though cleaner than it was in the days there was still a castle.
The chapel is lovely and as a bonus a women’s singing group held a concert which we enjoyed for a bit to rest our feet while we enjoyed the voices raising up to the rafters.

Everywhere in Dublin we see memorials and celebrations of the hundredth anniversary of the 1916 uprisings which led eventually (painfully) to independence from Britain in 1923.