Adios Madrid!

Spent the day exploring the Palace Real and a second visit to the magnificent Prado. Learned the Spanish for ice pack (bolsa de hielo) when i stepped off a curb and went sprawling. No permanent damage, but my knee is bruised and swollen. Of course we have a 3rd floor apartment for the next two days. After the ice pack and some aleve, feels much better, but there will be whining, I can pretty much guarantee it.
We are in Toledo (Spain, not Ohio) and hanging out in the plaza, waiting doe our host to arrive.
Paella for dinner tonight. Maybe some wine.


Picked up our lovely Fiat 500cc convertible this morning and headed to Madrid with random stops for food and drinks and gas. Shocking surprise in paying 50 euros in tolls, but gas is really cheap so it all comes out even in the end.
Found our apartments very near the Prado. We are checked in and getting a drink, then will head out to the museum before grabbing a late (for us) dinner and the doing some much needed laundry. Hopefully it dries before checkout, otherwise the Fiat becomes a drying rack!