We went to the tiny country of Gibraltar yesterday. Took s terrific taxi tour with a man from Latvia who has family in Carson City and knows home. Also a Belgian family. Thankfully everyone spoke English and we had a wonderful time. One of the apes stole my bag of crisps right out of my hand. I was just stepping out of the shop and it startled me so I screamed like a girl. (They are the best screamers.)
We could see Africa from the top of the rock, we are so close. Toying with the idea of a quick ferry ride to Morocco.

Saw the Moorish Castle, St Michael’s Cave and the Hercules columns/rocks. We are staying at a hotel across the bay in Algeciras. Right on the beach, great price and nice staff. Sadly the twin I booked six months ago was not available. Sleeping with a nice ocean breeze is fun if your room is not over the parking lot of a very popular restaurant!
Very cranky this morning until my first cup of coffee.
Now I am writing on the beach, sipping my second cup and life is looking good.
Off to Granada today and we will see the Alhambra tomorrow.