Sagrada Familia – Take 2

We went back to Sagrada Familia tonight for our reservation to tour the basilica and take the elevator up the Passion Tower.
The first part was amazing. Breathtaking. Awesome. Inspiring. Moving.

What other words can I use? The old ones don’t work well enough to describe this church, this cathedral to beauty and spirituality. Huge columns sprout up like massive trees, their branches reaching up like hands to hold the ceiling. Arching lace vaults made of stone and light. Watercolor-like stained glass glowing with fire and sunsets in one side, and gleaming aquariums and forests on the other.
Every where you look, beauty.

The second part didn’t actually happen.

The Passion Tower was closed for construction related reasons, reminding me that this is an unfinished basilica.
(Frustrated whining deleted.) It turns out, I wouldn’t have been allowed up anyway with the cane, as unlike most elevators, this one can only be ridden up. No one with a cane or limp allowed up.

I think I’d like to come back when it’s finished in twenty years or so. But for now, my eyes and my soul are stunned. Full up. Complete.


Picked up our lovely Fiat 500cc convertible this morning and headed to Madrid with random stops for food and drinks and gas. Shocking surprise in paying 50 euros in tolls, but gas is really cheap so it all comes out even in the end.
Found our apartments very near the Prado. We are checked in and getting a drink, then will head out to the museum before grabbing a late (for us) dinner and the doing some much needed laundry. Hopefully it dries before checkout, otherwise the Fiat becomes a drying rack!

Barcelona Day 1

Took advantage of the all you can eat breakfast buffet, then made the move from airport hotel to airbnb. Not as luxurious by a long shot, but very central and a good price. We are happy to find good wifi and an amazing Catalunya style restaurant downstairs with a fixed price, three course lunch. First time we have left good food on our plates because there was just so much of it. Even Jacob couldn’t finish it all. It is nice to have more meat in our diets and much more reasonably priced.
Siesta then the Las Rambles walk from place de Catalunya to the harbor. Then the beach to cool off.