Uffizi Gallery

We spent the morning recovering from our day and doing errands : food shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry. After lunch and a nap, we strolled down to the Arno and the museum. Fairly complicated to get in: reserve time slot and buy ticket online. Stand in line to obtain reserved ticket. Stand in line to enter museum. Stand in line for baggage check. Stand in line to scan ticket and enter the gallery. Luckily we did not bring backpacks or we would have added another line to check it!
I have to say, all that was pretty organized and only took 30 minutes. The people without reservations were waiting hours in hope of no shows. (Thank goodness because that is how I got my refund for the June tickets.)
Once in, it was not too crowded except around the biggies like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and the Da Vinci room. Footsore but happy, we made our way back to the apartment to make dinner.

Florence day 1

We arrived after lunch on Friday and picked up the keys to our Florentine palace. Lovely one bedroom with fast Internet and air conditioning in ALL the rooms. WOOT!
The temptation to just eat and shop and sleep for the whole week is pretty overwhelming. But so far we’ve seen:
The Duomo, Basilica St. Laurentiis, the Arno, Ponte Vecchio and St. Marc’s square. Plus about a million other cool places from the outside as we got lost looking for San Spirito and ended up walking 10 miles on Friday.
Also discovered I booked tickets for the Uffizi and Galleria Academia for June 25th and 26th not July 25th and 26th. Fortunately there is someone there with a sense of humor and they let me rebook and will (eventually) refund the extra tickets. Thank you!
Booked a car for Monday so we can go to Pisa and…..wait for it….Cinque Terre! I wanted to walk the CT for my 50th but it didn’t work out. So we will do a little taste of it on Monday before heading to Pisa to see the Tower. If we don’t come back, I would look in town five for a very happy American woman and a ticked off teenager yelling, Mom! Let’s go, for Pete’s sake!
We have done a bit of shopping – a leather bag for each of us and wallet for Jacob. I also got a new phone case. If Fred wins the lottery this summer, I am coming back for a lot of stuff I loved but resisted.
Here are a couple of shots from our first day in Florence.
Duomo, Medici Chapel, the Arno, Mercator Centrale for food shopping and awesome lunch, selfies in front of Duomo and the courtyard of the Basilica St Laurentian