Versailles on Wheels

Last day in Paris, so we HAD to do Versailles. With my fabulous new sneakers, gel pads, supportive tape and the cane, I made it to the Palace. At that point, we rented a golf cart to tour around the gardens and the Grand Canal, as well as glimpses of Grande and Petite Trianons.
After a quick cafe lunch, we turned in our golf cart and borrowed a wheel chair. Felt silly, but it was absolutely necessary, as by the time we finished the tour and made it back to the train, my feet felt like someone was stabbing them with burning knives. Huge thank you to Jacob for pushing me around in the chair and for the amazing staff. They have the wheelchair thing down to a science! I don’t think I could have made it otherwise.
Lovely gardens, history in every foot and a fairly easy commute (except for the taxi drivers who refused to take us to the train station in Versailles as the journey was too short to make it worth their time. Is that legal?).
Now to pack and organize (and rest) before our night bus to Amsterdam.

Picasso Museum – Paris version

We saw the earlier works in the Barcelona museum, so decided to catch the French version. Some cool pieces, but honestly, neither of us is much of a Pablo fan. Have to admire how he tried pretty much EVERYTHING in his life time. This print of the Flowers hung on my walls at Yale and for years afterwards. Pretty much my favorite Picasso. (But not at this museum.)


Jacob and I share a passion for these paintings. We spent the afternoon at the amazing Orsay. The building was once a train station and is now an awesome museum. Loved the decorative arts and statues as well.

Counting down

Less than two weeks before we head home. Three more days in Paris, one quick day/night in Amsterdam and then back to London for a few days before we head home. I plan to burn the clothes in my backpack. Or maybe just hide them for a year. I am sick of them and the temptation to shop in Paris is overwhelming.
Must. Resist.

Off to ride the big bus around Paris, then a bateaux down the river. Its a no walking day to let my feet recover a little.

Louvre Lunatic

Jacob was smart and went back to the apartment at 2:30 after five plus hours of Louvre.
I did not.
I stayed until they kicked me out at six.
Then I needed a venti Starbucks mocha to fuel me back to the apartment.
Oh hell yeah!
I kept thinking I would be bored and leave, but there was always something else that called to me.
Awesome, exhausting day.
A bath and then my boy is making us dinner.