Transportation Strike

The best vacation stories should start off with something entertaining like “On our last day we got stuck in the national transportation strike…”

We are heading back to San Jose for our flight tomorrow. Luckily we have gas and a comfortable, air conditioned car. Also a great book on Audible. Now if we could just find a bathroom and lunch!
Update: after nearly two hours the police arrived to clear the road enough to allow cars and trucks to pass in a single line. Despite the delay, I waved to the protesters and they grinned back, waving their flags and banners as they walked slowly along the road, blocking one lane of traffic.

Now we are on the winding mountain road we drove out to the coast and so far only one group of protesters, who kindly waved us around so we barely slowed down.

Two hours to San Jose – slow but steady at 40kph!

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