Yoga Once (or Twice) a Day

I had done pilates pretty consistently at one time, but I’ve never done yoga this much. While my Pilates experience had been all about strength and flexibility, the yoga, while physically challenging, seems to be so much more about the muscle in my head.

I’ve had some seriously emotional moments this week, some in-to body and out-of body moments. I’ve come away each time feeling – well -magnificent.

Once or twice I’ve had the feeling as I walk out of the yoga studio, that days, maybe years, have have passed since I walked inside.


Physical effects are: I’m sleeping better. Longer and deeper and far less tired when I wake up. I feel more flexible and less creaky in my joints. I might be taller.

After class and all day, I’m more patient and definitely less irritable.

I might be on to something life changing. (Plus, hey, cute outfits.)

There are two yoga studios here: Casa De La Luna and De La Sol. Yoga practice follows the phases of the moon, so we are going into the active period three days before and after the full moon. That’s the morning practice. Stephanie balances that with evening practices that are designed to use all that energy to get inside your body and mind for all kinds of healing. Also seems to help with the full moon sleeplessness syndrome. Can’t wait! Next class is 6:30. That’s AM. Im going to savor the amazing sunrise and then a little detour to the dining room for coffee before donning my sunglasses for a terrace practice to honor the sun.

Life is blissful. Thank you hardly covers it – Namaste, Yogini!

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