Venice Day 2

Is it wrong that all I want to do is sit on the vaporetti and ride around the Grand Canal all day? It is so lovely. Every inch we move opens up a new Vista, a new snapshot of glorious Venice.
Today we went to mass at St. Marc’s for the morning choral service. Afterwards we wandered around, got dome sandwiches. We took the vaporetto to Giardini for a picnic. Wandered the park and then headed back for a siesta.

In the afternoon we wandered to Rialto Bridge and found amazing pizza before walking over the bridge. Took the vaporetti to Lido and back but it was really hot. The line for the Doge’s Palace was super short, so we took the sunset tour. Afterwards we took the elevator to the top of the campanile and surveyed Venice from above. A lot like the Empire State building but smaller and shorter. Same feel, though.

It is a good thing we are headed to Spain tonight as we are finally tired of pizza, pasta and deli sandwiches. So we had really good Chinese and called it a night about eleven.

Karen Couch Brier

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