Uffizi Gallery

We spent the morning recovering from our day and doing errands : food shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry. After lunch and a nap, we strolled down to the Arno and the museum. Fairly complicated to get in: reserve time slot and buy ticket online. Stand in line to obtain reserved ticket. Stand in line to enter museum. Stand in line for baggage check. Stand in line to scan ticket and enter the gallery. Luckily we did not bring backpacks or we would have added another line to check it!
I have to say, all that was pretty organized and only took 30 minutes. The people without reservations were waiting hours in hope of no shows. (Thank goodness because that is how I got my refund for the June tickets.)
Once in, it was not too crowded except around the biggies like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and the Da Vinci room. Footsore but happy, we made our way back to the apartment to make dinner.

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