Practice Packing

2 weeks, 4 days to go and practice packing may be done this week. I have my ONE small backpack down to 18 pounds and a cross-body purse. Inside the backpack is my “under the seat” bag so if I do buy anything (what? Me? Shop?) then I can take that out and still meet super tight international carry on baggage restrictions. Taking just 1 dress, 1 skirt and wearing 1 pair of pants. I was going to take a pair of shorts, but I don’t actually wear shorts, so those are out. For shoes – just 1 pair of tevas to wear in airports and the beach and 1 pair nice but comfy walking sandals that work with the dress and skirt. 5 shirts that layer, mix and match, undies, socks, pjs and toiletries. I do have a rain jacket, sweater and umbrella that I might ditch once we get to the Mediterranean.

I’ll be practice dressing all week again but I’m feeling confident. Of course, said that about the other skirt which I’m now trading out, so we’ll see. The true test is in the wearing. If I don’t want to wear something, then it needs to come out of the bag.

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