Planning Jobs

We’ve been homeschooling since 2009. Our son, Jacob, is turning 14 this year and we are taking the school on the road with a summer long trip to Europe. We’ll visit 3 major cities in five countries in 77 days.

Since there is so much planning work to do, we split up the jobs. First, together, we came up with an itinerary and agreed on what cities we’d visit. Then I booked the airfare and the apartments and the one rental care we needed for Spain.

Jacob’s job is actually bigger and a lot more work. But he’s out of school for the summer so now he has a lot of time to do all this. He has to research each city. Make a list of things we want to see, then research them so he knows how to get to them from our apartment and can teach ME about them when we get there.

Oh, and he’s also drawing custom maps for each city with the sites we want to see. I’ll post those when they’re done. He’s quite the cartographer!

Jacob’s Job:

  • Learn 30 useful phrases in each language
  • Understand the currency in each language
  • Research each country and learn the history
  • For each city, choose the sites we will see
  • Create the daily itinerary with travel directions to each site
  • Draw a customized map of each city with all the sites
  • Read about each site and be prepared to teach it to Mom
  • Official trip photographer
  • Keep a daily journal
  • Co-author this site
  • Live local and learn

Mom’s Job:

  • Budgeting and financial planning ($20,000 trip)
  • Book the airline flights early to get great deals
  • Find safe but inexpensive places to stay (goal: $50 per night or less)
  • Review Jacob’s plans based on previous travels
  • Take pictures
  • Co-author this site
  • Keep a daily journal
  • Live Local and Learn

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