Greek Numbers

Greek Numbers – Cardinal and Ordinal below. (Much more useful than holding up fingers!)

Cardinal Greek Pronunciation
one ένα [ena]
two δυο [theo]
three τρία [tria]
four τέσσερα [tessera]
five πέντε [pente]
six έξι [exi]
seven επτά [epta]
eight οκτώ [okto]
nine εννέα [ennea]
ten δέκα [theka]
eleven έντεκα [enteka]
twelve δώδεκα [thotheka]
thirteen δεκατρία [thekatria]
fourteen δεκατέσσερα [thekatessera]
fifteen δεκαπέντε [thekapente]
sixteen δεκαέξι [thekaexi]
seventeen δεκαεπτά [thekaepta]
eighteen δεκαοχτώ [thekaochto]
nineteen δεκαεννέα [thekaennea]
twenty είκοσι [eikosi]
seventy one εβδομήντα μία [evthomenta mia]
one hundred εκατό [ekato]
Ordinal Greek Pronunciation
first πρώτος [protos]
second δεύτερος [theύteros]
third τρίτος [tritos]
fourth τέταρτος [tetartos]
fifth πέμπτος [pemptos]
sixth έκτος [ektos]
seventh έβδομος [evthomos]
eighth όγδοος [oythoos]
ninth ένατος [enatos]
tenth δέκατος [thekatos]
eleventh ενδέκατος [enthekatos]
twelfth δωδέκατος [thothekatos]
thirteenth δέκατος τρίτος [thekatos tritos]
once μια φορά [mia fora]
twice δυο φορές [theo fores]

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