Oh the places you’ll go! We’ll be traveling for 80¬†days. This is our plan so far:

San Francisco to London for 8 days (Bath, Stonehenge, Oxford day trips)

London to Edinburgh for 2 days

Edinburgh to Dublin for 3 days

Dublin to Athens for 6 days (including 1 day in Hydra, 1 day in Delphi)

Athens to Santorini for 5 days

Santorini to Crete for 4 days

Crete to Rome for 7 days

Rome to Florence for 7 days (including a quick stop in Bologna and 1 day trip to Pisa)

Florence to Venice for 3 days

Venice to Barcelona for 4 days

Barcelona to Madrid and Toledo for 3 days

Toledo to Seville for 3 days

Seville to Gibraltar for 1 day

Valencia for 7 days

Back to Barcelona for 1 day before flying to Paris

Paris for 12 days, including a couple of day trips to Amsterdam, Bruges, Rouen, Chartres, Mont St Michele

London for a few days (and Leeds) before heading home!

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